This is an exclusive 1:1 program where you'll experience a complete rewire of the unconscious mind to align with your goals. Goals we'll set together through the lens of Human Design and your unique method of creation based on your chart.

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Soul Business Breakthrough

~ 2 - 2.5 hour Deep Dive
~ Custom ReWiring Audio


The Soul Shift Experience

Deep Dives are 2-2.5 hour appointments via zoom where we blend our knowledge of Human Design, RTT®, Quantum Physics, and principles of  Inner Child Healing, Soul Fracture Healing, Shadow Work, Shamanic work and more to create  unparalleled , multidimensional healing.  Clients see phenomenal results in as little as one Deep Dive. 

Deep Dives 

What is RTT®?  It's an abbreviation for Rapid Transformational Therapy® which is an award winning method that combines most beneficial principles of NLP, Hypnosis, CBT, Psychotherapy, and Neuroscience. This proprietary combination creates unparalleled  and profound positive results in clients in as little as one session; getting to the absolute subconscious root of any issue.

Using RTT® has given us the ability to not only identify what the limiting unconscious belief/programs are that causing the undesired results; but actually access the subconscious mind in a way that allows us to transform, and reprogram them to positive beliefs and upgrade mental programs that support success. 

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